Minor en Gènere i Dret

Admission must be requested at the Secretariat of the Faculty of Law and Economics by the deadline set by the Centre.

Students that are able to study optional subjects in accordance with the requirements specified in each degree may be admitted to the Minor.

If there are too many applicants, admission to the different subjects of the Minor shall be done in strict order of enrolment.

The cost of a Minor credit shall be the one corresponding to the degree that the student is taking.

The enrolment period for the Minor shall be established by the Faculty.

The minimum number of credits to enrol on the Minor is 6.

If students drop out of the Minor, they must complete the pending optional subjects from other subjects offered on their Degree.

Students must respect the enrolment limits established in the academic regulations.

The Minor subjects shall be exempt from pre-requisites, co-requisites or incompatibilities

Regarding the recognition of credits of permanence at UdL, the Minor subjects have the same treatment as any subject of the curriculum in accordance with current regulations.